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IJssel - De Natuurderij IJssel - De Natuurderij


Natuurderij Keizersrande is responsible for the maintenance of floodplain excavation for the Dutch city of Deventer. To prevent Deventer from flooding is part of the Dutch Room for the River programme, which will be excecuted by Rijkswaterstaat (the executive arm of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) from 2012-2015. The main goal of the Deventer project is to lower the river IJssel during flooding and to have it remove to the floodplains more easily and more controllable.

IJssel - De Natuurderij IJssel - De Natuurderij


The Keizersrande farmyard and the farm buildings will be situated on a new designed mount, which will be close to the IJssel river during  flooding. Farmers and owners Annette Harberink and Floor van Dijk are having their cows grazing for shortening the grass. This way of farming makes it easy for the river IJssel to flow easily outside it’s river banks, exactly where it shoud flow instead flowing to the city of Deventer. So in this way the Natuurderij contributes to keep the city of Deventer dry forever.

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IJssel - De Natuurderij IJssel - De Natuurderij


Visitors are welcome in the Natuurderij education centre to expierence water management in Holland. Keizersrande really hopes it will raise a kind of awareness among visitors about the necessity of water management. This will also show how important this farm is for water storage and discharge.


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