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La Bassee is located in the densely populated Île-de-France region, including the city of Paris. One out of six French people live here. The Seine river basin covers about 40,000 km2. The project area lies at the confluence of the Seine and Yonne rivers.

River Seine


Floods in the Seine region occur in case of simultaneous high waters in the rivers Seine and Yonne or high waters in one river following the other on short terms. In the case of floods big socio-economic damages will be caused, such as paralysis of urban transport, hospitals, local authorities, businesses and tourism, as well as jeopardy of the cultural heritage.

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River Seine River Seine River Seine


  • Implementation of a hydraulic project to reduce flood peaks within the framework of a spatial development project in the Seine river basin.
  • Temporary storage of water will be constructed in La Bassee and will reduce flood damage. At the planned storage location, a flexible future land use is possible, such as gravel extraction, agriculture, tourism, leisure activities, and ecological zones.
  • The La Bassee project is an important national and international example to demonstrate the compatibility between the diversity and importance of uses.

Planned measures in La Bassee case:

  • Defining the programme of objectives of the project including the needs of all stakeholders to be satisfied and as well the constraints and requirements related to the realisation of the project and operation of the storage basins.
  • A detailed design study (2009-2012) will prepare the implementation. The study includes technical studies as well as effect studies related to the environment, land properties, archaeology, water and gravel resources, and agriculture.
  • Dialogue will be held with all stakeholders and inhabitants. A communication plan will be proposed to the national commission of public discussion and will be implemented in accordance with the given recommendations by the commission.
  • Research/studies on hydro-geology, geo-techniques, geophysics and others in the project area.

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