> New publication Emscher 3.0

New publication Emscher 3.0

The river Emscher is similar to the river Ruhr - the symbol of one of the internationally most renowned industrial regions the Ruhr area with its 15 million inhabitants and important location of key industries such as steel, chemials and materials industry. The revitalisation of the Emscher over the last 20 years marks a new phase in the region's history and is an impressive example of ecological and socio-economic transformation affecting all aspects of life along the river. What can we learn from the Emscher conversation for upcoming tasks in other infrastructure fields? The target groups of this book are people who live in the Emscher valley, who make political or business decisions, and whose interests are affected by the revitalisation of the Emscher.

The Emscher 3.0 book is available over here ->

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