> Work package 3: Social, economic and ecological benefits

Given the effects of climate changes, river catchments within North West Europe have to accommodate increasingly extreme discharges. To be able to deal with this situation it is necessary that new capacity for water storage is created. Usually, ‘giving land to the river’ implies that existing functions in the areas involved will disappear. This project aims at achieving the contrary. As this new capacity is used in a variety of frequencies, present land use functions in the project areas are retained as much as possible. As a result of the foreseen actions in this work package, more diverse land use functions are created in the project areas. Thus, social, ecological and/or economical benefits, like biodiversity can be realized.

Planned outputs

Expected impacts
The action programme of this work package has an impact on spatial planning at several levels. Instead of creating room for the rivers, in order to decrease the risk of flooding, just by depoldering, lowering the dykes etc. this work package focuses on combining several land use functions in the areas involved. The actions will make a positive contribution to social, ecological and/or economical aspect of the areas. E.g. preservation or creation of  employment, new versions of housing, creation and preservation of nature etc.