> Work package 2: public involvement

The involvement of the public is necessary to implement the necessary actions with respect to the creation of new capacity for the rivers. Stakeholders need to be involved throughout the planning, decision and implementation phase. This holds not only true for people living and working in the project areas who are directly confronted with the planned activities, but also for stakeholders who are affected otherwise: the up/downstream stakeholders, who really will benefit from the activities of the planned measures and investments. Public involvement can only be realized when the communication on foreseen measures is transparent, open and continual.

Planned outputs

Expected impacts
Without positive involvement of stakeholders the implementation process may be affected negatively and thus prevent new water storage capacity being created. The advantages of involving the public more closely in the planning and implementation of activities in the project areas are expected to have an enormous positive impact at a local, regional or even national scale. It is expected to result in a higher acceptance and better understanding of the necessity of measures.