> Work package 1: technical solutions

Given the effects of climate changes, river catchments within North West Europe have to accommodate increasingly extreme discharges. To be able to deal with this situation it is necessary to create new capacity for water storage. This capacity should preferably be created in areas where existing functions have to be retained. Therefore innovative technical solutions are required to be developed and implemented within the various river basins. In this WP the partners are to combine their ideas/approaches during the planning phases of the regional projects. The ultimate outcome is the development and implementation of a palette of innovative technical solutions from which solutions can be chosen given the local situation.

Planned outputs

Expected impact
This WP focuses on broadening cooperation when it comes to the development of technical, innovative solutions to problems that can be encountered anywhere in Europe. A broader view through joint actions enables partners to choose the most suitable and efficient methods for their own situation. The transnational actions will result in a closer cooperation across North West Europe.