> Organization

Coordination Group:
The Coordination Group consists of representatives of all partners. Meetings are held every six months, allowing project partners to review the work of all partners, as well as to facilitate trans-national networking.

Steering Group:
The Steering Group is the high-level decision-making body for the ALFA project as a whole. This group consists of the project partners’ directors plus the Lead Partner. The Steering Group discusses strategic project management issues and overall project progress.

Work package coordinators:
Each work package is guided by a coordinator who facilitates and monitors the progress of a detailed programme of activities. He/she also draws together the outputs from the different actions and sub-actions to form an integrated end-product. Partners involved in the same actions form sub-teams to jointly produce the planned outputs.

Overall project implementation and control:
The Lead Partner (Programme Directorate Room for the River of the Dutch Directorate General for Public Works and Water Management) is responsible for the overall project implementation and coordination, including financial administration, external communication and reporting to the Joint Technical Secretariat of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme.